Welcome to English Avenue!

Education is Ageless…..timeless…..endless
At our institute, we offer training, coaching & consultation for spoken English and soft skill. Our efforts are dedicated to helping both the organizations and the individuals reach exceptional levels of performance.

English Avenue provides a fresh, exciting and lively approach to learning and development. In a competitive business environment, it isn’t just a strong brand image and product that is vital – people are the key differentiator.

We believe that each student’s English requirement is different and it needs to be addressed in a customized manner. Depending on each student’s needs and future plan, we draft individual modules and design a learning plan that will be unique to him.

  • Promoting the development of soft skills including Voice & Communication
  • The utilization of literature as a vibrant tool for creating a positive literary environment and for the betterment of society.
  • Encouraging publication of literary material.
  • Encouraging value-based education, and helping improve the quality of education.
  • Creating an awareness and inculcating civic sense among people.
    • Training programmes in Voice, Communication and Personal Development.
    • Objective oriented programmes for development in the English language including Business English, Corporate English, Basic Spoken English, Written Communication etc.

    The motto of this Institute is “Learning is ageless, timeless and endless!”

  • With the emphasis on learning by experiment, we use a combination of Case Studies, Role Plays, Games, Activities, and Audio & Video Clips, along with the PowerPoint Presentations.

About The Institute:

English Avenue for the English Language is unarguably Bhubaneswar’s best-known leading institution where one can learn the highest standards of modern-day communication from the best instructors. Our exclusivity lies in the fact that English Avenue is not just meant for students who want to learn basics of the language or excel in academics – be it in school or college, but also for employees who work in private or government organizations and want fluency and complete command in the English language.

Many top reputed online portals have declared English Avenue as the most preferred English Language Institute in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We are a one-stop shop for all your English language related needs, where we dispel the reputation of English as being so fearsomely difficult. We make our students experience the rare opportunity to learn the magic of English.In order to keep up with the changing times, we ensure regular upgrade and thus, keep updating, improving and even reconstructing our courses time to time to suit to a wide section of learners, students, professionals, employees, models and television & film stars, homemakers, businessmen, sportspersons, politicians and people from almost all walks of life.English Avenue modules are supported with a strong line-up of well-qualified trainers clubbed with the best-in-class learning environment.

Course Goals

The purpose of the course is to synchronize educational fineness with human excellence, to promote self-development and creativity in a stress-free atmosphere, to emphasize on providing the most modern and sophisticated learning environment coupled with the Indian heritage. Moreover, it is to develop a more qualified and learned society. The Goal is to create a society where English speaking capability can be harnessed by each and every individual to increase his/her potential to succeed in their professional and personal life. We seek to liberate the person from his inability to communicate in the corporate language of India, which is English.

Course Objectives

  • Frame grammatically correct sentences in English.
  • Fluently speak English in any situation.
  • Participate at higher levels in Group Discussions and meetings. Able to present your thought’s more effectively.
  • Present yourself more confidently in personal interviews.
  • Participate at higher levels in Group Discussions and meetings. Speak in Neutral Accent and also pick-up UK/US Accent