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English Avenue is committed to giving you a great and a different learning experience with ensured results.

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With the emphasis on learning by experiment, we use a combination of Case Studies, Role Plays, Games, Activities, and Audio & Video Clips.


Get professional education and reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers and instructors.

WHY English?

25% salary premium for those who are fluent in English. Fluency in English helps in your career growth.


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Other institutions are providing one or two demo classes but we at our institution providing 7 days free demo classes. Because no one can feel improvement within two class but if you take seven-day classes definitely you will get to know whether you are feeling any improvement or not. To know details contact us.

The Director

Mr. Deepak Mohapatra


As a trainer and evaluator he has a great work experience in Course Development, Counselling, Training, Executive Coaching and implementing Leadership Programs for success. His exposure to various global cultures has enabled his to train effectively the participants. His mission is to enhance productivity, performance and overall satisfaction in all the areas of life.
He has a passion for teaching. He has enlarged her sphere of services as a visiting faculty with quite a few institutions and organizations. He is a good trainer with high level of sincerity, integrity, and a positive outlook. He is a strong believer of team work and motivates people to bring out their best.


Should we remove Article 35A

Introduction to Article 35A Article 35A of Indian constitution defines Jammu and Kashmir permanent residency. It gives special power to Jammu and Kashmir peoples for accruing property rights, permanent residency, and other benefits. This Article gives a person from Jammu and Kashmir special power only a Jammu and Kashmir person can apply for government jobs […]

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Communication skills tips how to maintain a good body language

In communication skills, one of the most important factors is your body language. Your expression tells a lot of things then your words. Sometimes we can also identify someone’s true intention through their body language this is the reason why body language holds so much important in communication skills. This article will tell you how […]

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English class in Bhubaneswar

“English class in Bhubaneswar” if you are living in the city Bhubaneswar or you are from Odisha then you are quite familiar with this sentence. Most of the time our friend or our classmate ask us the suggestion for a good English class in Bhubaneswar. English is the second most used language after any native […]

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